Making small big again

I have been working with Vue quite a lot since the beginning of 2016, both at work and on personal projects. I have to say I’m quite excited about it - it’s easy to understand and you can become very productive with it in a very short time, so I was happy to prepare a short talk about it for a JavaScript meetup in Ljubljana when the organizers invited me.

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Mobile first on IE8 without polyfills

It can prove difficult to follow all the best practices and modern approaches while also staying backwards compatible. IE8 support is still a common project requirement nowadays and if you implement a responsive design mobile first, you will either have to use a polyfill for media queries or convince your customer that serving the mobile version to IE8 users is OK. While both of those are valid solutions, there’s also a third way.

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UX mistakes that keep happening

I generally dislike these Top 10 something list sorts of posts, but I still wrote one - sigh. This is about UX mistakes that have been identified, analyzed and criticised by UX experts, yet somehow still linger. Feel free to use it as support in arguments with project managers.

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About me

Mato Žgajner - portrait

I'm a 30-year old human from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I've been tweaking front-ends and writing JavaScript for about a decade - both in companies and as a freelancer. Read about my working experience or contact me on LinkedIn.

When not producing code for my corporate overlords, I help the good people of DJND with or hang out at Radio Študent talking about indie games. You might occasionally find me on stage - telling a story or singing with an a capella group.